3 July 2011
20 June 2011

Resident Evil 2.5

After the BOOM of Resident Evil 2, the fans started to request another game with Jill Valentine (RECVX was already in progress), so Shinji Mikami accepts the request and starts to make Resident Evil 3 with the production crew.

The concept of the game was the same since the beginning, but some few things changed. Apparently, we would have to do some ‘missions’ (like rescue Dario’s daughter). The beta version was presented on the E3 of 1999, with the Raccoon City streets a little bit different of that we know today. Beyond this, we’d have different items like a remote control and a chain, and we’d have to do something to down the stairs near the car what separates RE2 of RE3 (we’d have something important there).

19 June 2011
18 June 2011

Resident Evil 1.5

This is the beta game most beloved of the series. Was 70/80% ready, but the producers realized that was very similar with the first game. When asked about the graphics of RE1.5 near RE2, the producer replied “Hell and Heaven”, respectively. We would be introduced to Elza Walker, a character with similar personality of Claire Redfield (it was deleted from the project because they wanted something related to the first game). Other characters also have been dismissed as Roy, who would probably be a friend of Leon. The stories of Elza and Leon would be parallel, which would mean that they never knew each other.